Monday, October 26, 2015

House of 1000 Corpses *Decent Ws DVD Rip*

In Rob Zombie's homage to the grindhouse horror films of the 70s (think Texas Chainsaw Massacre), some college kids looking for thrills get kidnapped by band of inbred psychopaths. in the first bit, three unknowns play all that remains of five kidnapped cheerleaders, chair bound in chains and cleave-gagged ,wearing the tattered remains of their uniforms as one of the killers rants and raves at them.

Later, Mary Knowles (Jennifer Jostyn) shown sitting wearing a Dunce cap tied with her hands behind her in a chair and cleave-gagged while a psycho harasses her. Halfway through he takes her gag off. Afterward, Denise Willis (Erin Daniels) awakens to find herself tied to a bed in an upper-half spreadeagle, ungagged, dressed as a schoolgirl in a short gray outfit with white knee socks and Mary Janes.  a tall masked inbred comes down to slobber and much on some cereal, he even offers her a bite. He unties her and waves as she leaves, but she's quickly caught and tossed into a wire cage.

Later, some cops turn up at the farm and a deputy discovers Mary topless and chained in an upper spreadeagle, shrieking in terror, with words cut into her body, and the corpses of the dead cheerleaders lying bound in various poses behind her. The police and and old man who came to assist them are all shot dead.

Afterward, the girls and the surviving male are shown dressed in bunny costumes tied hanging in a bunch and cleave-gagged as the centerpiece to some weird ritual. the long-haired killer comes down in a robe wearing the old man's face as a mask, which turns out to b one of the girl's fathers.

*Copious gore, violence and language*

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