Monday, October 5, 2015

Nightwish *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this confused, messy horror movie, a professor and four graduate students journey to a crumbling mansion to investigate paranormal activity, and so he has the bright young students chained up between posts in an old barn around a satanic symbol drawn on the floor (sounds legit).  After a spectral visitation, things get weird and dangerous as he refuses let the young people go.  One guy passes out, the other pees his pants in terror. Donna (Elizabeth Kaitan) begs the professor to attend to unconscious man, but just smacks him in the face. The professor rants and raves, and Kim (Alisha Das) asserts the force is making them turn on each other.  The professor summons his hunchbacked minion and after one of the men objects  to the experiment, he stabs the man in the stomach. the body is dragged away and Stanley the minion explains to the captives how he always has to do the hard stuff, He cuts off the other boy's finger off for 'reasons'. the ladies try to finesse a discarded key away from the hulking brute and he straps Donna's legs to each post, stretching her awkwardly as punishment.

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