Monday, October 19, 2015

The Scarehouse *Decent WS Web Rip*

Another clip sent to me by a contributor, in this horror film two years after a tragic accident, six college girls are invited to a party inside an elaborate Halloween funhouse, which turns out to be a trap set by some vengeful young women.

In the first bit, Emily Lewis (Dani Barker) is shown bound with her hands stretched and tied with rope. She's slapped and beaten by her tormentors whop finally reveal their identities. she's stripped and put into a tight corset which is then tied into a pair of electric winches and pulled tighter until she expires.

 Afterward, two guys touring the funhouse find Shelby Hickman (Teagan Vincze) tied and struggling but thinking it's part of the display, they don't help her. And then, Jaqueline Gill (Katherine Barrell) is shown tied to a chair gagged with duct tape, as she's been held captive for 5 days. After some banter back and forth, they duct tape her hands holding a pair of hair dryers, bound up over her head while sitting in a bathtub of water. Another victim has escaped and treated to the tableau of horror before finding Jacqueline.

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