Monday, October 5, 2015

Tourist Trap *Hq Ws DVD Rip*

In this horror film from the 70s, some young people find themselves trapped at a weird secluded roadside museum and run afoul of a masked killer, with telekinetic powers. In this clip, Tina (Dawn Jeffory) is lying on a table with a thick rope tying her to the table. There is a blanket covering her from the waist down. The blanket covers the fact that her wrists are tied behind her back. The light is turned on, and a tall character wearing a full-face mask and a wig comes down the stairs, carrying an unconscious Becky (Tanya Roberts). He sets Becky on the floor next to a post supporting the stairs, pulls her hands behind her, and ties her to the post. He then pulls the sheet off a man (Becky's boyfriend) who is standing tied with his arm through a step above Becky. He caresses Tina's face for a moment, then goes upstairs.

The masked man comes back down the stairs, carrying a tray with liquor. He offers a glass of liquor to Becky, then pours it in her mouth when she refuses. He tosses some in the boyfriend's face, then goes to Tina. Here you can see where two more thick ropes are tied over her thighs. He ties a strap over her head and under her chin, then pulls another strap over her forehead, which he nails to the table.  He then applies wet plaster over her face, suffocating her.

Becky and the boyfriend still in the basement. The boyfriend is now tied with chains around one leg of the table. The masked man is chattering away while working on a plaster impression of Tina's face. Becky sees a sort of file on the floor. She uses her legs to shove it to the boyfriend, who manages to pick it up and start sawing through the wooden table leg.

Elsewhere, Molly (Jocelyn Jones) wakes up in a bed, a blanket has been pulled up to her chin, thus hiding the cloth strips tying her to the bed. Then back to Becky and the boyfriend again. The boyfriend has succeeded in freeing himself, and then goes to free Becky. They hobble up the stairs. Afterward, Molly still in the bed. The old man comes in, pulls off the blanket, unties the cloth strips tying her to the bed, and carries her out of the room.

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