Monday, October 12, 2015

Wolf Creek *Ws Web Rip*

In this horror tale, stranded backpackers in remote Australia accept help from the wrong sort of bushman, who offers to fix their car, but instead takes them captive, tortures and kills them, In this clip, Liz Hunter (Cassandra MacGrath) wakes up cleave gagged bound hand and foot with black zipties in a rusty shed. she pries off the gag and works to free herself from her bonds.

Elsewhere,  a bloodied Kristy Earl (Kestie Morassi) begs the killer to quit torturing as Liz looks on from hiding. Hearing a noise, the bushman gags Kristy and goes to investigate. Liz emerges, promising to help get her free, but has to hide when the killer returns. He has another go a Kristy before Liz emerges with a rifle. He tries to bluff Liz into believing it isn't loaded, but Liz shoots him.

*Quite Bloody*

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