Monday, November 30, 2015

Borderland Bound: Penny & Fiona in: Shocking Gag Training Session Proves Too Much For Bewildered New Recruits!

Penny and Fiona have just signed up with the G.A.G (Golly Aaaahhhhh Gosh) organisation, an elite group of special detective types who specialize in freeing captured ladies from, well, you guessed it, captivity. And, wouldn't you know it, one of the first tests new agents must pass involves them being in a simulated Taken scenario. Reluctantly, knowing they will be in for a rough ride, the girls agree to be tied up in chairs. They have socks jammed in their mouths, held firmly with tight, big, over the mouth detective cloth gags.

Choking back on all that stuffing, they begin to panic, and struggle harder at their tip top chair bondage. The ropes don't budge. Clearly only a master in the art of ropery could have bound them quite so stringently. When the guy leading the session (or the instructor that's easier) believes they have had enough, he steps back into the room to check out what they thought about Round One...

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