Monday, December 21, 2015

In Dreams *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Housewife Claire Cooper (Annette Benning) is nearly driven mad by visions of a kidnapped girl and sunken town, until she escapes hospital custody and finds the missing girl. Claire is violently knocked out by the kidnapper and wakes up hogtied with a rope noose also around her neck, gagged with duct tape. She tries to struggle a bit, but then stops and notices the kid talking to her from across the bed. She crawls over to sit next to her, calmly explaining something about how Bening made her father angry, whilst refusing to ungag her for risk of making him even madder.

A minute later the girl and her father return to the room. He tells her to go and join Bening, who is still hogtied and gagged as before, to which she happily snuggles up next to her on the bed. They both listen quietly as he gives a crazy monologue in front of a dressing table mirror, during which we see Bening lightly tugging at her ankle bonds to no avail. He eventually cozies up next them and rips the tape off Bening's mouth. Both he and the girl then give Claire a kiss on the cheek each as they all try to get some sleep. Later, the girl decides to untie Claire and they both leave the room together.

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