Monday, December 7, 2015

Return of Hallelujah *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Double-crosses, fistfights, lies, chases and other zany antics occur in this Italian comedy western about a young woman named Fleurette (Agata Flori) who comes into possession of a statue with treasure hidden inside and the wild cast of characters who try to take it for themselves. In the first scene, Fleurette overhears some men scheming in her bedroom as she pretends to sleep and she's left cleave gagged with her wrists tied to the footboard. She's discovered by our hero, who only tightens her bonds and leaves with an apology.

Afterward, Fleurette is caught by a bandit leader, thrown over his shoulder and kidnapped. Next time we see her she bound to chair and treatened to be branded on the face by the thugs, that's when their boss arrives. As the torture is deemed no longer necessary, the thug leader order to one of his men to gag the captive. Later on, a fight ensues after a clever use of a bagpipe. During the fight one of our heroes hears a mmphing and spots a pleading Fleurette still bound to the chair.

The films end with Fleurette being pushed out the window of rolling coach headfirst and spanked by the heroes for all the trouble she's caused.

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