Monday, December 28, 2015 Phoenix & Layla in- "Hey! This isn't a porn shoot?!"

From SelfGags; American wife Phoenix Wild wants to spoil her husband by giving him a night with his favorite porn star Layla Price and books Layla for a porn shoot at the local hotel. Phoenix welcomes the famous blonde inside the room and tell her to drop her things on the bed. Layla puts her bag on the bed when she is grabbed by Phoenix from behind with a white cloth held over her face. Good night! Layla is sound asleep and all limp on the bed. Phoenix can't help but to admire Layla's tight little ass and starts tying her up with rope. Hands behind the back connected to her bound ankles. Layla is gonna wake up to find herself in a hogtie and when she does, she struggles and screams at the wife who tricked her in pure desperation!