Monday, January 25, 2016

Borderland Bound: Lady Natt in-- I Was Gagged & Bound With Fine Silks & Ropes Trying To Get To My Magic Lamp While My Treasure Chamber Was Robbed!

Beautiful for there is no other word Lady Natt (who also has amazing boobs just tossing it out there) plays a striking genie looking for a magic lamp of hers. She fears it has been deliberately hidden from her and if that is the case, then who in the name of blazes might be behind it? Did you ever Dream of 'Genie' when you were a wee slip of a nip? We sure did. And our dreams were rather naughty ones at that. They involved the ultimate damsel; beautiful, sexy, magnetic in presence, getting gagged (many gags, actually) and bound in a cuter than cute harem gal stroke genie outfit. Barefoot, bound, and silenced.

(Pix only for this preview- sorry)