Monday, January 25, 2016

Hollyrope: The Bank Robbery (Clip)

From Hollyrope; A multi-model mega video, starring 6 of the hottest Hollyrope's models: Catie Parker, Anna Lee, Charlize K, Janira Wolfe, Jacqui Wallace and Chrissy Marie. A regular day in the bank turns into a bondage madness when 2 femme fatales (Catie and Jacqui) decided to rob the bank, they break in and take the executive Charlize, the security guard Chrissy Marie and one unlucky customer (Janira). With the help of their sidekick "Sanchez", the robbers tie and gag Charlize, Chrissy and Janira with duct tape. Then the manager Anna Lee shows up and she's also taken by the bad girls, she's tied with ropes. Once all the 4 girls are tied up, Sanchez decides he doesn't want to share the money with Catie and Jacqui, so he ties them up as well. At the end, the 6 girls end up tied and gagged while the bad guy escapes with the money.

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