Monday, January 18, 2016

Lupin the 3rd: "Zapping Operation" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

A careless, spoiled celebrity and a missing backpack lead to the kidnapping of an agent's daughter,  with Lupin having the foul luck of stealing the wrong car at the wrong time. In the first bit, the girl is led off by some thugs mentioning something called the Dream of Italy, which involves getting chloroformed and put in the trunk of a car.

Later, Lupin and his companion are about to take off in their new ride, and there's a banging in the trunk. The find the girl bound and gagged inside. With the tape removed, she screams for help and is immediately hand-gagged. Lupin finally convinces her he's not the kidnapper, just a robber who stole the wrong car ( yeah THAT will calm her down) and he cuts her loose.

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