Monday, February 15, 2016

Caught *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Stefanie Scott plays Allie in the Lifetime movie effort in which a desperate housewife discovers her husband is having an affair and kidnaps his unsuspecting mistress. But what starts as a prank quickly spirals out of control. In an opening flash-forward, we see Allie in a dark attic, being taped to a chair with duct tape as she struggles and whimpers. She's blindfolded and cleave gagged with black cloth. A bit later, we see her grabbed off the street as her unseen kidnappers pull a bag over her head.

The kidnappers plan to release Allie, but when Sabrina cuts the tape on her ankles, Allie kicks Sabrina. Sabrina attacks Allie in return, and the chair tips over, knocking Allie unconscious and dislodging both the blindfold and gag. While the sisters are downstairs deciding what to do next, Allie tries unsuccessfully to make a phone call, then struggles like mad to free herself, and ultimately succeeds by smashing the chair. She makes a run for it, but as she's frantically trying to scale the wall outside the house, she slips and is recaptured and brought back into the house.

Husband Justin has been sucked into the madness. Allie winds up lying in the bathtub with Justin duct-taping her hands in front, and a bit later, Sabrina applies a duct tape gag as well. Next, the possibility has arisen that Allie is pregnant, so Paige un-tapes her hands and orders her to take a pregnancy test.

There's a scene in where Allie is nearly rescued, but Sabrina tosses the deputy down the stairs and kills hims.

Sabrina has decided to burn down the house with Allie inside, so she tapes her hands behind her back (though these bonds are never shown) and her ankles together. A wounded Paige has had enough and cuts her free, but Allie's STILL not out of the woods: as she limps toward the street and screams for help, Justin hand-gags her and drags her back inside. In the end, Allie herself lights the house on fire...

*Not my work, although I did trim the talky bits. Thanks to the maker of this clip.*

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