Monday, February 29, 2016

Hollyrope: Rich Wife Carissa

From Hollyrope; Carissa Montgomery is a very rich and dominant wife. She has been invited for a fancy party by her husband's business partner, while he's out of town for a business trip, she attends wearing a sexy latex-like long dress and satin gloves. When Carissa gets to the address, she realizes there is no party and it's just an empty office. Her husband's business partner shows up and explains her he made a business with her husband, which went wrong and they lost tons of money and now he wants his investment back, so he will hold Carissa until her husband pays. Carissa immediately tries to leave, so this dude ties her up very tightly, sits her on the floor and just to add some humiliation to such a proud woman, he gags her with a red ball gag. After a couple of hours struggling and drooling due to the ball gag, Carissa's captor decides to take the ball-gag off, but then he stuffs Carissa's underwear in her mouth and gags her with duct tape, and finally puts her in a very tight hogtie...

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