Monday, February 15, 2016

The Christmas Dragon *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this silly fantasy flick, with magic leaving the world, and Christmas in danger, some orphans get it in their heads to save the day by using a dragon and an old sleigh to play Santa. But the whelps draw the wrath of some dragon hunters. Hoyt (Ruby Jones) and a male friend are separately hand gagged and whisked away. Afterward, Rosalynne (Paris Warner) is looking for them and hears mmpphhing from somewhere. She discovers them sitting bound and gagged on the floor of a hideout, hands behind their backs (the bonds are not visible), and each cleave gagged a thin strip of cloth.

Rosalynne un-gags them, but before she can untie them, the villains arrive armed with crossbows. One of them grabs Rosalynne after she tries to warn the other townsfolk by ringing a church bell. All three captives (each cleave gagged) are brought before the townsfolk, who have begun celebrating Christmas. The dragon hunters try to shoot the dragon but Father Christmas himself saves the day, and all are un-gagged onscreen.

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