Monday, February 22, 2016

The Gardener *Decent Ws Web Rip*

After her partner mysteriously disappears, Detective Kelly Jones (Angie Everhart) is lead to a nursery that seems to hold many secrets. In the first sequence, Kelly awakens to feel something moving under her blanket. The blanket is stripped away to reveal her wearing panties and a t-shirt while bound by thick vines restraining her above the chest, below the chest, at her waist and thighs. More vines wrap around her hands and cleave gag her. As she struggles as gigantic flower petals emerge from her bed and drag her in. She awakens, realizing it was all a nightmare.

Later Kelly is sitting with the suspect and gets served some drugged tea. She passes out and wakes up on a large table covered with flowers. She's nude but most of her body is covered in layers of strategically arranged flower petals. Her arms are spread at her waist, bound by padlocked leather shackles. She struggles against the restraints and nearly hyperventilates. Coming to her senses, she rubs her ear against her shoulder until a hooked earring comes off, picks it up with her mouth, and spits it into her hand.

The killer gloats and explains she's going to be fertilizer for his garden. He reveals Iris' corpse to her, lying on another table in the same position.  The killer leaves, promising her a surprise when he returns. She immediately resumes picking one of her wrist padlocks. She unlocks it just as Ben returns holding a large scythe or pruning bill. He starts to cut her with it, but she pushes him back with her free hand and knocks him to the floor.She frees her other hand and finds some clear plastic to cover her body with. the killer attacks her and she knocks him off balance, allowing her time to escape.

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