Monday, March 28, 2016

Borderland Bound: Vicky, Jennifer & Charley in: What Is It With All These Busty Detectives Coming At Me? Better Overpower Them & Make A Bolt For It! (Pics)

From Borderland Bound, "Just what is going on here?? Can't a predator be a predator without being spied upon by all these busty girl detective types? Seems they are determined to bring him down, no matter how many masks he wears! Hell have to do something about them. Mmmmmm. Yes. Opening with the outta this world Vicky, decked out in the tightest of jeans, sexy booties, crop top and crop denim jacket, on the trail of this miscreant's silver smuggling exploits, we enter the fray. "

Lots of pretty buxom British babes tape getting caught, hand-gagged overpowered and then trussed and gagged in tight jeans and tops.

Check It Out !!