Monday, March 7, 2016

Stalked By My Doctor *Decent Ws Web Rip*

A doctor goes after his lovely young patient Sophie Green (Brianna Chomer) when he becomes dangerously obsessed with her. After failing to chloroform her in a parking garage, he chases her down in his car, wrecking into her  and breaking a window and this time he gets her. back at his mansion, Sophie is next shown in a bedroom, lying on a bed, bound and gagged with an assortment of black ropes and scarves. Her hands are tied to each side of the mattress, feet tied separately by the lower half of the mattress, and she is tightly cleave gagged. As the scene progresses the doctor explains how he faked her death in a car accident, complete with a matching body burned more or less to ashes.

The doctor chloroforms her again, then hides her in a wooden box when her grieving mother and brother pay a visit to the house. Afterward, Sophie is back on the bed. the creep gives her a sponge bath in bed and later he feeds her dinner. she sweet talks him into untying one of her hands, and then tries (and fails) to stab him with a dinner knife.

Having been re-tied to the bed and momentarily left alone, Sophie slips one of her feet out from the restraints, but not before more fantastic struggling. She uses that foot to free one of her hands, just in time before the doctor arrives to perform an impromptu operation on her for calling him a "sad, lonely old man". When he enters the room, syringe in hand, she whacks him with a table lamp and makes a break for it.

*Lifetime and their stupid oversized corner clutter !!*

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