Monday, March 21, 2016

The Bride He Bought Online *Decent Hq Web Rip*

Lonely socially inept computer geek John takes revenge on a trio of malicious high school girls who set up a fake foreign marriage profile and post a video of his humiliation online. He does some computer legerdemain to discover their identities and sets out to kidnap them. He captures the girls separately. Mandy (Lauren Gaw) is knocked out with a blow to the head, bitchy ringleader Kaylie (Annalisa Cochrane) is grabbed in her house at gunpoint, and we only see him sneaking up behind Avery (Anne Winters).

Each of them gagged with duct tape at least while they are taken to the hideout in an old building via the trunk of his car. The gags are all removed fairly quickly once the girls arrive at John's hideout. The girls spend much of the second hour not gagged, with their hands bound with zip-ties and further secured to concrete posts by steel cables.

John's plan is to sell all three girls into foreign slavery, but he only manages to hand over Kaylie before that deal goes south. He returns to the hideout with Mandy and Avery, and she manages to attack him with a broken bottle, but he overpowers her and reties her with her hands behind her back. Eventually both girls manage escape when John and a prostitute he's working with get into fight.

*Typical Lifetime corner garbage.*

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