Monday, April 18, 2016

Assignment Terror (aka Los monstruos del terror or Dracula VS Frankenstien) *Ws Web Rip*

In this dreadfully hokey creature feature, aliens from a dying planet resurrect some scientists so they can in turn resurrect of the world's greatest monsters ( a vampire, a werewolf,  Frankenstein's monster and a mummy) in order to conquer the world through terror.

In the first bit, the lead scientist punishes a subordinate played by Ella Gessler with a terror-making machine. She's seen strapped into the chair as a pair of earphones are put on her head. The device is activated and she struggles in growing terror until she passes out.

Afterward, Maleva Kerstein (Karin Dor) is hand-gagged by  the vampire Valdemar as she laies sleeping in a bed. A scientist interrupts the attack and creature flees. Later, Maleva is put into the terror chair but instead is electrocuted repeatedly by the lead scientist, once more for letting the vampire escape.

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