Monday, April 25, 2016

Hollyrope: "Janira Kidnapped in Downtown L.A. Part 1" (Clip)

From Hollyrope; Janira Wolfe is the daughter of a rich businessman in Los Angeles. She has been invited by her boyfriend to go to the roof of a building to have a great view of Downtown LA and spend a romantic evening watching sunset over the skyline of Los Angeles. But little she knew it was all a trap, his real intentions was to keep Janira there so he could collect a ransom from Janira's father!

Being on the roof was enough to hold the girl, still, the dude decides to tie Janira's hands behind her back, as well as her legs. Then he rips Janira's panties off and stuffs them in Janira's mouth, and tightly gags her wraparound tape. Janira is totally helpless, humiliated with her underwear stuffed in her mouth and tightly gagged, with a spectacular view of the City of Angels in the background... PART 1 of 2, find the second part in

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