Monday, April 18, 2016

Wizards of the Demon Sword *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this dumb fantasy 'epic' the evil lord Khoura seeks to unlock the secrets of the magical sword Aktar with his dark magic or some such thing, but not before our hero can save the day. In the first bit, Melina (Heidi Paine) is chased down and caught by some slavers but not before our hero can give them what-for with his sword and rescue her. Afterward, some unknowns play poor girls sold off into slavery. The brunette is taken away by one of Khoura's thugs.

Later, Heather Wilk plays another poor subject of Khoura's experiments, chained up and manacled. She's leered at and then stabbed by the same minion seen previously. Afterward, Melina is recaptured by some highwaymen and brought to Khoura's castel to use as leverage against her father who is keeper of the sword. Tehy are locked up in a cell together for a time.

Afterward, Melina is manacled and chained up to a wall for some dark ritual that's interrupted by our hero and his companions. Khoura tries again in another location but again his efforts are interrupted.

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